What is your lost and found policy?
We hold all lost items for 24 hours before discarding them.
What do you do with left credit cards?
As requested by all credit card companies, we hold for 24 hours and then shred any left cards.
what do you do with tabs that are left open?
We close left tabs with a 20% tip. We will hold your card for 24 hours, and after that time has elapsed, we shred the card as requested by all major credit card companies.
Do you take reservations?
We generally do not take reservations, but try to accommodate when we can. If you have a special event or request please email us at info@loyallegionpdx.com.
Where can I park nearby?
There is street parking available surrounding our building, and there’s a paid lot behind us. Additionally, use this parking map, provided by the City of Beaverton.