Classic Goldings hop aroma, flowery with a hint of orange marmalade followed by a non-banana fruitiness. Flavor starts with hops, followed by a gentle malt sweetness, yeast fruitiness and tartness, with a crisp, clean finish. Bitterness is gentle and not harsh. Balance is neutral.

This beer is different from other domestic saisons because it is less hoppy and does not use the Dupont yeast strain or a similar strain. Our Belgian yeast strain produces fruity and spicy notes along with some tartness and is a strong attenuator. Saison is a very diverse style and we wanted a beer that was refreshing but still had a complex flavor profile. Malt, unmalted wheat, hops, and yeast all make a noticeable contribution to this beer. The flaked wheat also gives this beer some body since it has a low finishing gravity. Hops are used in moderate amounts to provide good hop flavor and aroma without overwhelming bitterness or harshness