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Historic Bank of Beaverton | Beaverton, OR

Located in the Historic Bank of Beaverton in downtown Beaverton, our signature horseshoe-shaped bar allows for conversation (and beer) to flow throughout the building.

4500 SW Watson Ave, Beaverton, OR 97005 (503) 372-5352


All Oregon All The Time

Of all the states in our great nation, Oregon makes the best beer. Period. All the other states are competing for second place. Although Oregon was not home to the first American micro-brewery we have led the brewing revolution since 1985’s change in Oregon law which allowed for brewing and retail sales to coexist in one establishment: behold the brew-pub. The brew-pub model allowed for small craft breweries like Widmer, Bridgeport, Portland Brewing and McMenamin’s to survive and then flourish - and the Northwest beer scene has never been the same. Other states would follow our lead by changing their laws - but they’re still drafting well behind us.

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Thanks For Stopping By

At Loyal Legion, you have the opportunity to drink the best of the best Oregon beers and celebrate the amazing local craft beer tradition that is the envy of the World. To top it all off we have partnered with the greatest sausage maker in America, Portland’s own Olympia Provisions, to offer the best one two beer sausage combo you could ever imagine. Add a freshly baked pretzel with cheese dipping sauce to the mix and boom goes the dynamite.

Swing By The Hall

Brick By Brick

The historic I. O. O. F. Orient Lodge / P.P.A.A. Building at SE 6th and Alder was converted into a beer hall and assembly space. As first reported in the Oregonian, ChefStable opened Loyal Legion with 99 Oregon beer halls on tap and an all-local menu that includes Olympia Provisions sausages. ChefStable also operates an event space upstairs, The Evergreen. The architects for the project were John Weil and Design Department.

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