Breakside/Barley Brown’s Wanderjack IPA

Tyler Brown is a legend in the beer industry, the godfather of modern IPA in the Northwest, and one of the best storytellers you’ll ever meet. We’ve been lucky enough to soak up tons of knowledge from Tyler and his crew at Barley Brown’s, and there’s no doubt that Breakside IPA and Wanderlust exist the way they do today thanks to the influence of Tyler, Eli, Shawn, and Marks. It was a no-brainer to host them as part of our 10th anniversary collaborations and also a no-brainer to make a West Coast IPA with them. When we sat down to make this beer, we asked, ‘how would we design a new West Coast IPA in 2020’ that captures the direction that WC IPA is heading? The resulting beer is filled with three of the fruitiest hops around, Strata, Mosaic, and Azacca, along with a touch of Simcoe to anchor the beer in classic dank and catty West Coast flavor. The bitterness is modest, the malt bill is extremely lean, and the ABV is moderate. It’s a contemporary West Coast IPA for the new decade.⁠