Silver Moon/Water Ave. Collaboration Release Party Aug. 23rd – 26th

Some are calling it the partnership of the century! We are so happy to have gotten the chance to partner with Water Avenue Coffee. Together, we were able to create our truly special Water on the Moon Coffee IPA! Made strictly with Water Ave’s single origin El Salvador Ayutepeque: this coffee holds high notes of amaretto, caramel, cocoa and blueberries mixed with tropical and floral aromas of the Eukanot hop-heavy IPA. Together, these two components are a sweet and balanced beer that is sure to convince any NASA employee that there really is Water on the Moon.

On August 23rd, we will be having our release party at Loyal Legion Beer Hall in Portland, OR. We will have Water on the Moon pouring all night long! There will also be craft cocktails made with Water Avenues cold brew blend!

A big thank you to Loyal Legion for providing a wonderful atmosphere for the event!

Come join us for a truly special gathering to celebrate your love for coffee, beer, and new friendships! We hope to see you all there!

Celebration goes all weekend!